Windows Phone 8.1 stretcher Android Features

Unlike the desktop version, Windows Phone 8.1 has so far not showing signs to be launched. Even so a number of leaks that began circulating shows that the operating system will probably have a feature similar to Android.

windows phone 8.1Carrying the title Action Center, which features said to be owned by the WP 8.1 has the same concept with a pull-down menu available on Android. Ie, users can easily access a menu by simply dragging the menu from the top of the screen.

Not only that, through the menu Action Center at the WP 8.1 users can also easily identify incoming notification, as well as offered on Android. That said, WP 8.1 will be the second operating system iOS imitate after doing so.

In addition to the Android-style menus, Leaks are also outstanding style is embedding digital assistant Siri were given the designation belongs iOS Cortana.

The operating system itself is mentioned WP 8.1 will be revealed officially by Microsoft in the early months of April 2014, or in conjunction with Microsoft’s Build developer conference event.