VOOC Powerbank: Just 30 Minutes, Battery Direct Full

Rapid Charge Technology Oppo brought to Powerbank products. Enough plugs for 30 minutes, the battery was already charged smartphones to 75%.

vooc powerbank

This is not the usual Powerbank , but has been using technology VOOC in it. This technology first found in 7 smartphone Oppo Find and Find 7a.

VOOC technology that is the secret of the Powerbank to be able to recharge the battery much faster than conventional Powerbank .

VOOC Powerbank has a battery capacity of 6000 mAh. If using conventional Powerbank recharging takes up to 7 hours, then with VOOC Powerbank claimed it only takes just 2.5 hours.

VOOC Power bank can have the ability to recharge the battery to 75 percent of smartphones in 30 minutes for a smartphone that has been supported by VOOC system, the same as VOOC Rapid Charge technology in smartphones Oppo. It’s just for other smartphones, then VOOC Power Bank will work like a conventional Powerbank .

Indeed, the new Powerbank VOOC can work optimally on supported devices VOOC system that currently exists in the model 7 Find and Find 7a.