Twinkling Mousepad ‘Fireflies’ Razer

firefly mousepad

When talking about the mousepad, certainly that first comes to mind is the comfort gamer. The second is the uniqueness factor. Such mousepad has just been released by Razer’s.

firefly mousepad

Unique mousepad is usually a pride for gamers who competed in front of the audience when to enter the competition. This is what trying wants to be accommodated by the manufacturers of accessories from the United States with the release of Razer Firefly.

Yes, as the name suggests, the Firefly which means firefly, the Razer brand-new mousepad is equipped with LEDs in three parts: left, right, and bottom. When observed, Firefly is using the exact same lights used by previous Razer products, keyboards Chroma. The three lights can be synchronized with one another, resulting in LED light that varies.

“Razer Firefly opened a new category in the family Crhoma. We have designed the Firefly is the best components for the gaming mouse mats, the latest, and filled with modifications designed Crhoma light. No one is saying you can not win with style.

To be able to bring Firefly, you have to spend at least USD 60. Prices are claimed to be equivalent to a mousepad with 16.8 million color adjustment and optimization of reflex movements.

For its size alone, Firefly spans approximately the size of 14 inch to 10 inch with a thickness of 0.16 inches (355 mm x 255 mm x 4 mm). Weighing itself is said to be up to 1 kg and has a 2-meter USB cable.