‘Tortured’ Wear Hammer, How Fate of the Galaxy S5?

To prove his toughness, not a technology media extreme test on the Galaxy S5. But unexpected things experienced by testers while torturing Galaxy S5 using a hammer.

Originally torture of mobile phones Samsung champ is done relying on the sharpness of the blade. Although most of the surface of the body behind the Galaxy S5 scratches due to the testing, part of the screen is not scratched at all.

Then testing continues using the hammer. Galaxy S5 too ravaged receive hammer blows, especially the screen, which cracked on the first punch.

However, when switching to the rear body section, unexpected things happen. Hammer blow to the back of the body that make the battery cover off, turned out to have a major impact on the battery Galaxy S5.

The blow directly on the corner of the battery resulting in leakage. Instantly bulging batteries, following the discharge of the battery. Impulse discharge the battery was made ​​prior swirling until it flew out of range of the camera.

Although not raises a bigger problem, than existing video, test teams sounds quite surprised by the incident. Here’s the video.