Tinder Dating Application Will Increasingly Unique in SmartWatch

dating tinder app

Messaging social applications are often used for a date or find a mate, Tinder, reportedly will soon be released for the Apple platform Watch. Later when it was released on Apple Watch, Tinder applications will take advantage of hands-free feature on the device. In addition to hands free, Tinder’ll also be able to monitor the heart rate of the user.

dating tinder app

But unfortunately not yet clear how to work in a hands-free feature that later. While the features that work to monitor heart rate, how it works is quite unique.

How? when later paired at Apple, Tinder will pair (match) of the second pair to measure their heart. When the user heart beat faster than normal when viewing a photo of the opposite sex who is also using Tinder at Apple Watch, it is considered you have a crush on him.

When the opposite sex even feel the same way when you are viewing photos, then later Tinder will assume the two sides were interested, which means they are suitable (mutual love).

Previously, these applications rely on features like for matching (connecting) the two couples. So you love someone in such Tinder, then clicking on the picture, as well as with the opposite sex, then the new Tinder will make communication (think fit or like each other).

Not only at Apple Watch but later Tinder also will enter the Android platform Wear. But not explained further about the launch date on the two operating systems.