This powerful Powerbank Only Need Salt and Water as a Source of Strength

A product called MyFC JAQ Powerbank of Sweden has a very interesting abilities. Powerbank is designed to charge the smartphone or tablet in an interesting way. This Powerbank did not need to be plugged into a power source to charge the battery, but it only needs to be filled with water and salt.

myfc-jaq powerbank

Powerbank MyFC JAQ is indeed designed to be friendly to the environment. And each cell of this Powerbank have battery capacity of 2,400 mAh. Although capacity is not so great, but this JAQ MyFC enough to be used for charging mobile phones with an average battery capacity.

Despite having an interesting use of technology, there is a drawback which is owned by the Powerbank . The disadvantage is the electricity stored in this Powerbank can not survive for long. Electric power stored in this Powerbank can only last a maximum of one or two hours.

Cell of the battery is also an ingredient that is disposable and not harmful to the environment. Cell is built entirely using recycled plastic and has a little metal. In addition, the battery cell is also non-flammable, unlike hydrogen cell.

Powerbank itself has not officially marketed. Most likely, the starter pack Powerbank will be marketed at a price of 75 USD and contains JAQ, five cell battery and charging cable. Meanwhile, for the price of a unit cell basis is equal to 1 USD.