The Performance Capabilities on Ubuntu Mobile Meizu

Quite a long time no hear, the news about Ubuntu re-circulated. This time the OS is made ​​by Canonical skill performance via phone Meizu previously mentioned would be the first smartphone Ubuntu.

Through a video, run Ubuntu using mobile phone Meizu MX3 look is smooth. Ubuntu allegedly used a final version and just waiting for the time of its release.

In addition, the overall Ubuntu running on Meizu MX3 also thrusts the look and manner of use are quite different. Especially when compared with Android as the OS is going to be the strongest competitor.

Because both based on open source, a number of speculators calling Ubuntu has a strong potential to compete with Android. Moreover, coupled with the magnitude of its community support.

Unfortunately it is still not clear when Ubuntu started to enter the mobile phone market. But for the gadget enthusiast who are curious to try it, Ubuntu has been fully supportive of the use of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7.

Here’s a video on cell phone use Ubuntu Meizu MX3.