Sony Earphone Functioning as a Personal Assistant

earphone sony

On the mat Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016, Sony not only introduce the latest smartphone from the Xperia series. Japanese companies today are also carrying a bluetooth earphone that can function like a personal assistant.

earphone sony

These earphones can help users get information about the schedule of activities, the weather, the latest news and updates directly without the need to open the smartphone. In addition, the device can also be controlled via voice commands to do some things, such as calling, writing a message, or ask for directions.

To be able to connect with a smartphone, called Xperia Ear devices equipped with NFC and Bluetooth support. This device can also be controlled through the application pre-installed on the smartphone.

Not only that, Sony also equip Xperia Ear with a special case that serves as a charger. With a full charge, the Xperia Ear expected to be used up to four hours.

Sony Xperia Ear calls will soon be gliding in the middle of this year. Unfortunately, no further information regarding the price tag of the device.

In addition Ear Xperia, Sony also introduced three new device concepts, namely Xperia Eye, Projector Xperia and Xperia Agent. Xperia Eye is a 360-degree camera with video recording capability in a long time.

Meanwhile, two other devices are projected as a support function Xperia Ear. As the name implies, Xperia Projector is a device that can project the image onto a wall or other flat surface. Not only that, users are also allowed to interact with the image display.

Then for Xperia Agent, the device is described as a small robot that acts like a personal assistant. This device can function like a camera and projector and able to provide information that best suits the user. In addition, the device can also be controlled using voice and connect with other smart devices.