SmartWatch will Lollipop Long Lasting

Having visited phones, Android 5.0 will soon sweeten Lollipop called SmartWatch. Yes, Android Wear also will soon miss the latest update of Android OS. Even users smartwatch said to just wait a while longer.

google smartwatch

Some improvisation was prepared Google to update to Android Wear Lollipop. Information circulated say, this update will make users more easily see the status of the battery, storage status, and that is a regular choice screen brightness, fashion theater, and fashion sunlight.

But the interesting improvisation is about battery life smartwatch. Although not explained to what extent, update Android Lollipop Wear mentioned would provide a drastic improvement in the battery endurance smartwatch.

In other words, smartwatch will last much longer, maybe even be able to give additional time to the day for its users.

In addition, Lollipop offered by Google to smartwatch will also directly to the Android version 5.0.1 which has got a lot of bug fixes. So that the user should not have to worry about going to meet user reported bugs were crowded Android 5.0.