Pentax Releases Successor Extra Large Sensor Camera

In 2010, Pentax medium format digital camera released first, the 645D. With the function of weather sealed, extra-large sensor camera that can be used in various kinds of weather.

Now, Pentax released the successor of the camera, the 645Z. This camera is not much different glimpse of her brother. As for the difference, lies in the source.

pentax new releaseSeries 645Z uses a medium format type CMOS sensors, while the 645D uses the CCD sensor. Wearing size 44 x 33mm sensor from Sony, 645Z claimed to have better performance than its predecessor.

The surplus is mainly of auto focus speed and ISO sensitivity can reach 204,000. While the 645D, can only reach ISO of 1600.

In addition, burst shot 645Z can reach 3fps, compared to 645D which only 1.5 fps. With a resolution of 51.4 megapixels, the size of the RAW image files from the camera reaches 51mb, while only 20mb jpeg files.

For image storage, Pentax 645Z equip with two SD card slots. The camera is priced at 9191.49 USD for the body only and 10212.77 for bundling with 55mm lens f / 2.8 (equivalent to 33mm on a full frame). The 645Z has practically no rivals, because the price is much cheaper than the medium format digital cameras like Hasselblad.

According to him, in comparison with a full frame DSLR camera upscale than its competitors such as Canon or Nikon, the price is not too far adrift 645Z. But he mentions, the sensor is much larger than both.