Oppo Patented Curved Screen Like the Galaxy Edge

Currently Samsung probably still the only vendor who has a mobile phone screen technology Edge. But the future of this South Korean manufacturer will not be alone, because Oppo has just patented a similar screen technology with Samsung’s edge display technology.

oppo curve screen

But when you see the patent, look Oppo using different technologies. So artificial Edge Oppo screen is actually a normal screen technology that made curved edges. Meanwhile, Samsung’s display technology Edge absolutely pristine surface curved screen and can receive commands touch.

Indeed, a glance so look has the same technology, but Edge got a Samsung curved screen is indented than the Oppo-made curved screen curvature limited to the periphery.

Oppo called the plan to make the phone without a bezel with a homemade screen it. Interestingly, analysts call this Oppo screen technology has the potential to become a mass for mobile phones in the future, because the manufacturing process is not as complicated as Samsung’s Edge screen.

The screen technology also allows the vendor to make phones with fancy designs as have curved screen without bezel, but the price is still within reach of many consumers.

Unfortunately there is no information when Oppo will realize that its findings, but given the new Oppo register on December 19, 2014 and, possibility homemade curved screen technology that will be realized in about 2016.