Nokia Official ‘The Tomb’ Symbian and MeeGo

Symbian operating system which used to be the life of Nokia, is now really totally dead. Similarly, MeeGo, Nokia OS project that worked with Intel, following the unfortunate fate of Symbian.

Along with the new year 2014, Nokia officially ended the trip two of the OS, with a total shut down access to developers so that it can no longer alter their application or register a new application.

nokiasymbian“We are officially closed. Thank you for the years that have passed,” the team writes Symbian Signed, which has been the support developer Symbian.

Thus, the support ends Nokia on Symbian and MeeGo has been completed. Now, the focus is entirely devoted to the Windows Phone operating system. No longer will a Nokia mobile phone that use the Symbian or MeeGo.

Nokia itself has purchased Microsoft worth $ 7.2 billion. Finalization of the acquisition process is expected to be completed early this year.