New Features of Android BBM Ready to Compete Skype

Skype, Whatsapp, and the line should be ready with the new features offered by BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) cross-platform. I could have lost the status quo with its instant messaging service from Canada.

bbm android iosFeatures BBM for Android and iOS consists of the addition of voice calls between users for free fuel, the origin is connected to a WiFi connection. For this feature, Skype must be vigilant.

In addition to phone calls free, also includes a feature BBM BBM Channel, which previously had sudaha exist in the BlackBerry OS. This new feature allows users to join or create a community with similar interests.

“Users can now join the channel topic such as products, hobbies, etc. entertaimen. Companies can form a group of business to communicate with its customers,” wrote in his blog BlackBerry.

It is also interesting, because BBM Android and iOS is also now integrated with Dropbox. So that users can share files, photos or any large.

Lastly, the new features in BBM cross-platform is the emergence of 100 new emoticons. So that communication with other BBM users can be much more fun. This matter should have warning line.