Jabra earbuds: Antiperspirant and Heart Rate Monitor

Post issued Step Jabra, Jabra is now presenting a special earbud sports lovers. Earbud named Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless has a heart rate monitor technology and applications Sport Life.


Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless is the world’s first earbud that combines biometrics for heart rate with Dolby sound quality, your voice, including voice muffled noise.

While applications Sport Life contained in this earbud is claimed to maximize the incorporation of a heart rate monitor, assist and evaluate your exercise activities.

Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds that this is the first in the world that has a combined heart rate monitor and audio are promising solutions for the next generation of fitness fanatics to exercise with confidence and carefully with health.

These earphones also sweat resistant and resilient. Jabra claims to have tested the device in the extreme.

Jabra has been designed as the only one who can provide information that is accurate biometric, both visually and audio with some equipment, but generally coaches use and eliminate redundant equipment