iPhone is Favorites pickpocket in the UK

Theft of expensive phones with pinch mode is not only rife in developing countries, but also in developed countries such as the UK. Among all brands of smartphones available in the country, the iPhone has become the biggest target of pickpocketing in the UK.

iphone 6 original vs fake iphone 6The latest report issued by the Ministry of Interior British show, several models of Apple’s latest smartphone, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, and became a favorite pickpocket 4S in the UK. One of the security features of iCloud which can lock the iPhone from a distance, does not seem to make a pickpocket broke.

Mobile theft index is based on the period of August 2012 to January 2014 During 2012-2013 alone, there were 742,000 victims of theft in England and Wales. In the list was revealed, the women aged 14 24 years hinga are two age groups most likely to be a victim of pick-pocketing the phone.

In addition to the four models of the iPhone, there are several other brands of smartphones pickpocket target, such as the series of Samsung Galaxy and HTC. However unique, the BlackBerry 9790 device would be a pickpocket second favorite smartphone after the iPhone models.

“People bring their lives more and more in the bag with the bank details, email, and other sensitive personal information that is easily accessible on the phone.” Ata UK Home Secretary Theresa May, quoted by the BBC. “This is why it becomes very important that the government, police, and together the industry can overcome this evil.”