How Important Size Megapixel in Camera Phone?

Later, some vendors offer phones with advanced camera features and high-megapixel resolution. Actually, how important is the size of megapixels in camera phones?megapixel camera

Pixel is a kind of unit to form images. But megapixels are not the only determinant of quality photos. The size of megapixels is sexy to the language of marketing. But in fact, in addition to the megapixel camera, there are other factors that determine the quality of the photo. For example, the quality of the lens should be good. Then the opening is wide so it can absorb more light.

For everyday use, it is not necessary megapixel camera size is too high. If it’s just a change in BBM profile picture or post on Facebook, the usual resolution camera will suffice.

Except for large size printing is a great need megapixels. But to post on Facebook two megapixels pretty enough. Megapixel is a feature that makes people interested to buy it, but not interested in camera with large pixels, but take a look at some of the other excellent features that make value-added.