Finally, the BlackBerry Personal Digital Assistant Got

Almost all smartphone platforms has long has its virtual assistant. Like Apple has Siri, Google with Google Now, and last Cortana Microsoft.

However, the BlackBerry seems to hold the principle of better late than not at all. That’s because shortly BlackBerry users will also have its own digital assistant.

blackberry assistantceThat feature is called BlackBerry Asisstant, which will be released in conjunction with BlackBerry OS 10.3. In its official blog, showing off some skill BlackBerry BlackBerry Assistant, which is approximately the same as a virtual assistant on other platforms.

BlackBerry Assistant will be ordered to launch an application, send messages, and make phone calls just by voice commands. In addition, it can also be commanded to search emails, or calendar, or even looking for a trending topic on Twitter.

In driving mode, it can be instructed to read the incoming email. BlackBerry users can also ask for a permanent Assistant mark unread email with labels.

Such a feature seems is projected to increase work productivity, as predicted when promoting BlackBerry BlackBerry Passport.

“Combine this new feature (Assistant) on OS 10.3 with touch screen 1440×1440 pixels belonging Passport, also with a touch-enabled keyboard, then your career should be look nice,” wrote the BlackBerry at the end of the blog post.