Fake iPhone 6 vs. Original iPhone 5S

iphone 6 original vs fake iphone 6

  1. The difference in terms of the size of the screen is clear, despite the false but ‘iPhone 6’ has a larger screen according to the rumors that have been circulating. Ie 4.7 inch compared to the 4 inch.
  2. The second difference lies in the location of the power button. If the iPhone 5S in the button located on the top, then in the ‘iPhone 6’ is located on the right side of the screen.
  3. That way the power button on the ‘iPhone 6’ will be easy to reach, despite the larger screen size.
  4. The position of the two volume buttons together, but have different shapes and sizes.
  5. Matter of form, the iPhone 6 clones is indeed exactly the same as the form of the iPhone 6 that had been rumored. But not with the performance. ‘iPhone 6 looks very slow when used.
  6. Benchmark results were much different from the iPhone 5S. Though both are not much different specifications, the same dual-core processor with a speed of about 1 GHz.
  7. The difference in performance was due to the iPhone 6 clones is not running iOS, but Android is customizable with skins that resemble the look of iOS. It was seen as a rather long press the home button, which appears instead of Siri, but Google Now.
  8. IPhone 6 enclosed rear casing of metal as a whole, and there is no part that is made ​​of glass, like the iPhone 5S.
  9. At the bottom, in addition to existing audio port, both use the same port for charging lightning. But the ‘iPhone 6’ only has speaker holes on one side.
  10. Both are about the same thickness. However, the iPhone 5S has a flat side, compared with the ‘iPhone 6’ is slightly curved.
  11. Specification camera in the iPhone 6 is not clear, but when viewed from the outside, the camera on the iPhone fake was slightly protruding to the outside, unlike the iPhone 5S is flush with the body. Flash it was only one, unlike his brother who has a flash with two color temperature.
  12. iPhone 6 has a home button that resembles TouchID, but does not have the features of a fingerprint scanner.
  13. The phone is equipped with a processor speed of 2.26 GHz Snapdragon 800, the amount of RAM 2 GB and the screen resolution is just stuck in FHD (1920×1080 pixels) (special / LG).