Cortana will Have Features such as Dictionary

microsoft cortanaTypically dictionary – both print and digital -, the final destination to find the definition of a word that is poorly understood. But in the future called Cortana will also have the ability as a dictionary, users can simply say the word you want to know what it means.

But in front of the word you want to be known means, the user must add the command ‘define’, then Cortana will answer with the definition of the word in question.

It does not sound special considering Google Now and Siri had already had the capability. But excess Cortana than both its competitors is that it uses a database definition which apparently originated from the Oxford dictionary. Of course, the result would be more comprehensive than the two rivals.

Unfortunately, until now Cortana alone can not be enjoyed by all users of Windows Phone (WP) which are outside the region of the United States (USA).

Even so, many WP users outside the United States who have managed to outsmart order to feel Cortana. That is the way to change the region on his WP handset into the United States region. The disadvantage is that users who do not will feel special offers proffered Microsoft for the original region