Canon Make Nokia Camera would be Great

Microsoft and Canon has announced a cross-licensing deal. This means that both companies are able to access and use each other’s patent portfolios of both.

Unfortunately, Microsoft and Canon did not specify the type of patent deal or anything that will be shared. But clearly digital imaging products and mobile consumer included in the deal.

Nokia, which is now its mobile division has been taken over by Microsoft, has been released several times by phone or smartphone camera technology more advanced than its competitors.

nokia camera canonOne of them is the Nokia Lumia 1020, a device with 41 megapixel resolution camera Pureview.

By agreement between Canon and Microsoft is not impossible in the future Lumia device will use sensors, lenses, and Canon’s image processor technology.

If it does happen, chances are the quality of the images produced by these devices can beat any iPhone or Android device.

Nokia usually uses artificial Carl Zeiss lens for superior smartphone. Also the sensor size is slightly larger than the sensor in a smartphone competitors.

There is also the possibility that such cooperation will be used to improve the performance of Microsoft Kinect sensor, or the output of the Canon digital camera that comes with the Windows operating system.