Bring iMessage BlackBerry users Move to BBM

IMessage cases that began to be used by spammers to send junk messages, apparently used by the BlackBerry. The company invites the messaging service users to move to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Through a blog post, BlackBerry revealed several reasons why iMessage users should move on and use the BBM.

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According to BlackBerry, iMessage can not control anyone who sends a message to the user. Because of this messaging service using a base cell phone number or Apple ID. So, anyone who knows a person’s ID number or cell phone can send a message.

“With BBM, users can control more who are accepted as part of the contact. Hence there is a commitment to send and receive messages,” wrote the BlackBerry, which is quoted on Monday (08/25/2014).

BlackBerry argued, if there is spam in the BBM due to the policy system itself. Users are in control of their contact list and there is no way to send messages without contact.

By using the base PIN, privacy is a major problem with spam iMessage. BBM protect the privacy of its users by only allowing users to send messages to contacts that are approved.

“Our enterprise messaging service safer, because the BBM adds advanced encryption layer. This ensures your message is not vulnerable to spying or hacking while being transmitted,” added the BlackBerry.

“On the rare occasion that you get spam or unwanted advertising, you only need to block the person from your contact list and reject further attempts to contact you in the future,” he said.

BlackBerry Messenger itself is not exclusive and is now beginning to open up to other platforms, including iOS to.