Apple Buy Forest Covering 145 square Kilometers, for What?

Apple is known as the company continues to innovate. But recently, the company based in Cupertino, California is a policy that gives the big question. They are rumored to have bought the forest area covering 145 square kilometers, divided in two areas.

apple forest

Two areas each covering 131 square kilometers in Mattawamkeag River, Main while the remaining area of ​​14 square kilometers located in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Apple also promised that they would not tamper with the condition of the forest. Then, what will be done by Apple with forests covering it?

Apple revealed that the purchase of two green areas are used for the sole purpose of enabling the products they produce environmentally friendly as possible. And the second is meant to be forest land to supply the material to be used for packs of Apple products. By using a wrap made of paper and wood, then Apple at least minimize the garbage such as plastics that can not decompose naturally.