Android M Users Needless to Install Applications Again


Every time smartphone users reinstall the application after doing a security wipe or replace the device, setting the application in question must be reset to be the same as before.


With the Android operating system Google announced M last week, hassles like it will not happen again.

This is because the Android M has the ability to perform data backup application to the Google Drive service. Any application settings will automatically be restored once the user to reinstall.

Each application has a backup quota of 25 MB. Universally valid data backup features, and will be directly executed for all applications installed on the device, so that developers do not need to rewrite software or add functions.

Backup application data will be conducted regularly every 24 hours. Developers can arrange parts of any application data to be stored in Google drive.

Somehow, a pretty useful feature is actually not underlined by Google in the conference Googe I / O, on Thursday last week.

Android M itself is now still a developer preview version. And the final version of Google’s latest mobile operating system that will be released later in 2015. Changes Android devices will also become easier with features Data Backup App.