Xiaomi Overcome Automation Launches New Software Data Upload

A few days ago, came the news that Xiaomi smartphones secretly transmit data to a server that is located in the country of China. Xiaomi also had said that uploads the data with respect to facilities-related Xiaomi smartphone Cloud Messaging, so that the user data stored in the Cloud Xiaomi belongs. Unfortunately, when this facility is turned off, it turns out that the smartphone is still automatically transmit data without the user’s knowledge.

xiaomi softwareTo ward off any issues that would harm the Xiaomi, recently the Chinese company issued a software update to eliminate any problems uploading data automatically. With the release of this update, Xiaomi smartphone users can choose to use the messaging functions of the cloud or not. And hopefully, no more leaking data is uploaded to the server Xiaomi. “As we believe it is our top priority to protect our user data and privacy, we have Decided to make-MIUI Cloud Messaging is an opt-in service and no longer automatically activate users -Xiaomi”