Who Want? Cracks in Chrome Rapporteur rewarded $ 15,000

Google wants to ensure that the browser is the most stable and secure than other browsers available out there. To that end, the Internet giant is increasing the reward for the reporting gap (bugs).

google chrome crackUnmitigated, a gift that would be obtained by the reporter will be increased up to three times higher than before. The complainant gap in the Chrome browser before rewarded with cash up to $ 5,000. Now, the value of the prize can be up to $ 15,000.

“Bonus points and more money! Go to anyone who can show exactly how a vulnerability could Affect of Chrome users,” Google challenge through its website.

As a form of appreciation, Google also will perpetuate the name of the inventor of the gap Chrome on a page Hall of Fame. Google’s approach to ensuring the security of the browser is indeed interesting.

Cracks were reported usually respond quickly by Google. Immediately after receiving the report, Google will immediately patch the gap in question. Google will still refers to the category of ‘high threats’, ‘medium threats’ and ‘critical’.

Not only Google is offering a reward for the reporter of the bug. Competitors, Mozilla, also gave the same lure. Even among these two companies will usually raise the bid if one of them is increasing the prize.