What If Mark Zuckerberg Being Boss Twitter?

mark zuckerberg

More recently, Mark Zuckerberg attended a session that discusses Facebook AI Research and cooperation with several universities in Berlin.

mark zuckerberg

On that occasion, the founder of Facebook got a question which is quite surprising from one visitor: what happens when he served as CEO of Twitter?

This question is obviously in the spotlight. Interestingly, Zuck-familiar call-Zuckerberg replied casually. He said that if he became the number one on Twitter, then he will be brewing a flagship feature, the Live Broadcast.

According to Zuck, Live Broadcast feature will be a bridge for users with accounts of such important public figures. This feature is actually being implemented on Facebook. Live Broadcast itself also has a presence on Twitter separately from the application Periscope.

Zuck continue, these features could become more attractive if Twitter add some unique elements that hold a lot more users in the future.

“Live Broadcast become one of the interesting features. I think, colleagues in Twitter is already working hard to polish this feature in such a way. I am very sure, all of you will see a lot more interesting changes in these features later,” said Zuck.

For your information, Twitter user growth is slowing. In fact, the number of its own has been lost to Instagram, which has been acquired by Facebook.

Known, Instagram now has more than 400 million users. While Twitter only has 320 million users.

For the segment of advertisers, social networking and photo sharing this video has been holding 200 thousand advertisers, while Twitter only hook 130 thousand.