What function in the Galaxy Note Screen Curved Edge?

Samsung introduced two models at once Note at IFA 2014, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 4 Edge. Galaxy Note Edge has unique because it brings features curved screen on the right side of the handset, next to the main screen.

The curved screen has several uses. Such as providing quick access to regularly used applications and a variety of information such as news. This curved screens can operate independently so that still operate even if the main display is turned off.

galaxy note curvedBecause curved, the screen also remains accessible even casing wrapped with a handset. When playing a video, for example, the curved screen will display the main screen so that the controls can be fully used. Similarly, when accessing the camera, curved screen serves as the control center.

Samsung has long developed a curved screen. Previously, the handset Galaxy Round has implemented this technology. Now finally visited the curved display technology Samsung flagship handset.

Samsung also releases the SDK to attract application developers to take advantage of the curved screen in Note Edge. So that the function can be expected to multiply.

The specifications are identical to the Galaxy Note Edge Note 4 Call it Quad HD screen, quad-core 2.7 GHz processor, 3GB of RAM and a 16 megapixel camera. With high specifications and unique innovation, Edge Note ready to navigate the tight competition smartphone market.