WD combine SSD and HDD in One Drive

Confused choosing a storage medium between Solid State Drive (SSD) or Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Why not just combine the two.

This is the new technology offered by Western Digital (WD) through series 2 dual WD Black drives. Yes, SSD and HDD merged into one.

wd300 HDD SSDWD Black 2 is a dual-drive storage innovation that combines a unique 2.5-inch solid state drive 120 GB to 1 TB of hard disk drives.

Although only one drive, which is installed on the computer still detected two partitions, the SSD 120 GB and 1TB HDDs.

Another advantage of WD Black 2 is when one drive dies, the other can still be used.

This excess due exploit the advantages of both flash and magnetic disks, WD Black2 off load dual drives do use the data from the HDD to the SSD, which increases the durability and life of the SSD.

So as there are two partitions on the computer, but the difference is only installing one drive alone.

Moreover, these products are free from caching algorithms and interfaces benefit from the speed SATA 6 GB / sec. All this is neatly packaged in a standard 2.5-inch form factor 9.5 mm, with legacy SATA connectors, making WD Black 2 dual drive is compatible with popular PC operating systems ranging from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

Dino ensure storage media with the world’s first technology will be available on store shelves in March, with a price of USD 300.

The price is expensive than purchasing separate between HDD and SSD, therefore we are targeting the high-end class. With a 5 year warranty.