VMware Workspace Suite Reinforced Google & Nvidia

VMworld 2014 event taking place in San Francisco introduced a variety of new products, the latest is VMware Workspace Suite. This product is a combination of multiple platforms to manage applications, data and devices.

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VMware Workspace Suite is claimed to have various advantages, such as high performance when running Windows applications on the device-level graphics on Chromebooks. It is thanks to the cooperation between Google and VMware with Nvidia.

Virtual Grid Nvidia GPU combination in the data center, processor Nvidia Tegra K1 on Chromebooks and the latest generation of VMware Blast Performance is claimed to deliver a virtual desktop experience that is smooth and efficient power.

VMware Workspace combines the capabilities of this new suite of VMware products that already exist. Namely tool applications, tools, content management and cloud storage files safe from AirWatch, a new company that acquired VMware, VMware Horizon for desktop as well as CloudVolumes service to deliver applications.

The result is a solution that VMware is claimed could produce enough consistent user experience with a single login for the end user, for as much as any application that wants to be administered. Applications can be accessed with the capability promised the same in all devices, both desktop and mobile devices.

“VMware offers the best and integrated solutions from the data center to the device, to create a package of end-user computing is simple and also safe for business and IT,” said Sanjay Poonen, Executive Vice President and General Manager, End User Computing, VMware.

The presence of VMware Workspace Suite assessed will help the next stage for VMware customers to do the job of mobile devices, where the desktop and applications delivered as a service or as service.