Uber, Startup Minimalist maximum turnover

Until last year, at least Uber already operates in 26 countries and 60 cities. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick does have ambitious targets, which are present in the city in two weeks.

Results swerved proved fruitless. Uber including minimalist company is able to produce maximum profit. In the last year alone, Uber already making a profit EUR 213 million.

ubercolumbus new startupOne such advantage is gained from the results with the percentage of 80% for vehicle owners and the rest is given to Uber. Uber does not have its own fleet and operational arguably not spent too much.

Apart from the controversy, Uber is constantly evolving from the user side. Noted, Uber never reached 398 thousand new signups every week.

These applications also have received 1 million orders in each week. Not surprisingly, Uber never grabbed 11% profit growth in the next 5 weeks.

Uber is currently being intensively to expand. The company is based in San Francisco, the United States has issued a $ 1.4 billion investment.

Uber indeed close to the controversy. Some of them, the pros and cons of the taxi route permit to ever hit a 6-year olds during the celebration of the new year. But they managed to get a $ 1.2 billion fund.