Twitter Cooperate with Foursquare, Want Make What?

If Twitter and Foursquare to reach an agreement, the collaboration of both will allow you tweet with location information, such as country, city or place of Foursquare.

twitter and forsquare

A report mentions, Twitter and Foursquare is currently considering for collaboration. If agreed, a form of partnership between the two will begin next year, in the first quarter.

Twitter is already offering location-based features. This feature can identify the location of users when they sign up Twitter and they can share their location in bio if they want it.

Twitter does not provide in-depth information for the location of individual tweets. So the future of cooperation with Foursquare, the location information can tweet more detail.

Foursquare has become a provider of location-based services since 2009. This service allows users to ‘check in’ location and discover places around them using mobile applications.

While Twitter continues to make tweets more relevant and attractive to users. Of course, innovation is embedded is also expected to be able to convince their investors. One of them could just as through cooperation with Foursquare.

But the truth of this information is unknown. Both Twitter and Foursquare are not willing to provide any information related to news of cooperation between them.