Toshiba created 5 TB hard drive!

Having previously only stuck in 4 TB capacity, the magnetic disk-based storage technology is certain to be increased again. Toshiba announced its latest hard drive capacity of 5 TB thrusting!

toshiba5tbBut the hard drive that carries MD04ABA-V series is included in the category of low-RPM (rotation per minute) with only 5400 rpm rotation. Even so, the profits to be more reliable, especially for use in the long term.

With these advantages, Toshiba is more targeted surveillance industry through the first hard drive capacity in the world’s largest.

Moreover, almost all surveillance devices such as SDVR (Surveillance Digital Video Recording), SNVR (Surveillance Network Digital Networking), and hybrid SDVR is run continuously with a fairly long period of time.

Toshiba also claims the capacity for it, a new hard drive that can handle up to 32 high resolution CCTV cameras and a longer recording time. Plus this hard drive is also claimed to be more power efficient.

Unfortunately there is no information when the device is entered into the consumer segment, but suppose time will not be too long. Speculation says 5 TB hard drive can be enjoyed around the consumer class as early as 2015.