Tips Easy Ways to Block Negative Sites


Pornographic or adult content websites currently blocked by the government through the TRUST + Positive. However, often found new sites or adult sites that have not been included in the ‘black list’.

There is a manual method that can be done to optimize blocking pornographic sites through the user’s computer. Here’s how to block adult sites through the user’s computer.


Block Adult Sites in PC Windows 8

You must be logged in as an administrator account, access the Control Panel, select Network and Internet. Then, select Internet Options, click the Content column and click the Family Safety.

After that, select the user account that you want to apply the system block from adult sites. Then, select “On, enforce current settings”, then click Web filtering and select “can only use the websites I allow”.

You can then set ‘restriction level’ and choose the “Designed for children”. After that, you can close the window by clicking the close (a red cross on the right) and adult sites had been blocked.

Use the Add-ons Mozilla Firefox Browser

To block pornographic sites, you can also use the add-ons in the browser Mozilla Firefox. First of all, users can click on Tools, and select add-ons.

Then, you can add a new extension by searching on the search column. You can type ‘parental controls’ or ‘block adult sites’.

In the search results, you will find new add-ons associated with the theme of ‘parental controls’. Then, the user can choose to install. After that, the user DAPT set or access the settings to ensure that adult content has been blocked.

Block Sites with SafeSearch in Google

While browsing the Internet, users can safely surf in cyberspace with features ‘explicit filter results’. How to activate it, users can type in the URL

Then, mark or tick ‘explicit filter results’. After that, users can click the Save button. By enabling ‘explicit filter results’, pornographic content will automatically including filter and removed from Google Search.