This figure Phenomenal Game creator of Grand Theft Auto

jonesIt is undeniable that the game series Grand Theft Auto (GTA) was phenomenal. Since the first series came out in 1997 for the PlayStation, the GTA is always in demand, and in addition, also always controversy.

Most recently, the series GTA V discontinued sales in Australia because it was considered to contain violent content in women. Looking back, who is actually a figure that had the idea of creating a game full of action?

GTA mob apparently initiated by several people, namely David Jones, Dan Houser Sam Houser, Mike Dailly, Leslie Benzies, and Aaron Garbut. Let a little acquainted with one of them, David Jones who came from Scotland.

David Jones is the founder of DMA Design, game developer founded in 1988. David had been playing the game since his hobby. Thanks to the hard work of Jones and creative ideas, DMA successfully make some games and start hiring people.

The first big success of DMA Design is a game called Lemmings. Sales in two years translucent figure of 1.5 million pounds, a large amount of the time. Jones was wealthy and can afford to buy a car Ferrari dreams of long ago.

One talented programmer who co-initiated the Lemmings is Mike Dailly. Not satisfied to just stop there, Dailly is constantly looking for ideas for new games.

He then imagine creating a virtual game of three-dimensional (3D) environment sprawling city. Technology has made it possible to make games like that

“At first it was the technology. When we can create a view of a city, can be zooming in or out, we began to think of what we could do with the technology. Basically, we just want to map a large and spacious playground and free,” said Jones.

Dailly, Jones and several colleagues were discussing. Initially, they wanted to meet the city with gangs fight each other. But then the idea occurred to focus only make a real and vibrant city, which can be traced by the players.

The team have long had the idea of making a racing game. Be the car becomes an important element in the game. And the characters in the game decided not good people but criminals. They agreed to call it with the Grand Theft Auto or abbreviated GTA.

The first GTA was released in 1997 and immediately became a best seller in the UK. Series further reinforces the GTA series as one of the most successful game franchise of all time.

David Jones himself is still working in the gaming world. Though indeed he has worked elsewhere and are no longer involved in the development of the latest series of Grand Theft Auto.