The Most Convenient Way To Capture Anything

streaming video recorderAmong most of the screen casting software that is available in the market, Movavi Screen Capture definitely is the best. In terms of both features and the price at which it provide them it is above most of the similar software. They have products that have been designed for customers and are very user friendly. Their goal is to satisfy and customers and thus, they have a good client base along with the quality programs they provide. Not only do they provide with amazing features but also give you instructions on how to record your screen. The basic features that they have are:

Screen recorder

The screen recording software by Movavi for PC- both the Mac and Windows version will let you record all types of screen video apart from those that are copy protected. There are options of program demonstrations, you can adjust the system preferences, how-to, and do a lot more. You can even highlight the cursor and show the keyboard actions in your video so that become much more informative and useful. They offer speeds of 60 frame per second for recording videos that look very professional.

Save online video files

You could make a collection of all the videos online. The videos from webinars, all the social media findings and all that you find exciting. They have capture timers that let you set a time for recording after which the video automatically stops recording. This helps you take a break while you are recording your screen.

Saving conversations

Now you can save all your online conferences and Skype calls. There are flexible audio settings, and the program lets you capture audio from a number of devices at the same time.

Varied formats

The Movavi Screen Capture studio will let you save your video clips to almost any popular media format. They have over 180 media formats such as the AVI, MOV, MP3, WMA and all the other famous ones. You can even save recording for watching them on your phone. They have presets for mobile devices from which you can choose.

Share videos

You no more have to worry about unsupported file format or huge size of the file because of which you are unable to upload and share your videos. Movavi solves all such problems and you can upload your files to YouTube, Facebook or any other social networking site directly from the program.