Sundar Pichai was awarded the Largest Share Google

sundar phicai

sundar phicai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will be one of the highest-paid executive of a public company this year, after the Alphabet present it restricted stock valued at USD199 million.

Pichai receive Class C 273 328 shares on February 3 will be given gradually every quarter until 2019 when he worked at Google. This is in accordance with the rules in the company’s Mountain View, California it.

Pichai, who is a former co-founder Larry Page Goole, was appointed to run the search engine unit after the re-establishment of the organization became the parent company Alphabet last year. This award is the largest ever given to a Google executive officer equity grants have been reported in the filing, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. This is the first award Pichai since taking over the enterprise unit and the highest grossing.

Alphabet also provide USD42,8 million in restricted stock for Diane Greene, co-founder and former CEO of software maker VMware is leading the Google cloud business since November. Greene receive equity worth $148 million last year after Google acquired the technology company he founded Bebop Technologies.

In addition, chief financial officer Ruth Porat, who joins from Morgan Stanley last year, received equity worth USD38,3 million to be provided under the same conditions as the award this Pichai.