Sugar can be used as a source of battery power

source battery

Sugar has long been known as a sweetening foods or drinks, but recently a group of researchers managed to develop sugar for other purposes. Is a group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is doing research for sugar used as a source of battery power.

source battery

Researchers use carbon nanotubes to heat the sugar and produce energy. As a result, the process proved to have similar outputs with battery commonly used in modern electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

To do this, called The thermopower battery Wave (TPW) is using sugar to heat the heap nanotubes. After that, the results of this heat will push the tube in it and turn it into electricity as it is today.

In addition to sugar, the researchers predicted there are several other heat sources that can be used for more efficient than sugar. But from the calculation, the efficiency of the sugar in the battery in the trial had a value which is not far from the actual battery, which is up to about 1 percent.

In the test phase when the new TPW batteries used to charge the LED lights, but most likely this battery can change the future. In fact, this battery can be more useful than regular batteries for special purposes, such as charging the shuttles are eligible when space missions.

This is possible because in general the batteries can store up fuel will gradually lose power. Instead, the sugar will only be used when absolutely necessary, such as when the aircraft approached landing destination.

In addition, the use of battery-powered sugar can be designed according to the needs, such as for charging the wearable device. Not only that, the battery using this technology can also deliver power in large enough quantities when needed.

Note, however, this technology is still in the development stage and needs to be refined. One problem that needs to be resolved is access to sugar at any time when the main fuel is spent.