‘Spy’ US Hiding in Hard drive Computers

US security agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA), creating sophisticated methods to hide spy software or spyware on your hard drive made by well-known vendors such as Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba and so on. Software that allows the NSA to spy on computers around the world.

spy us hard drive

The findings were revealed by Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab. They find personal computers in 30 countries infected by one or more of the spy software. Most infections occur in Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.

Targets include government and military institutions, banks, energy companies, nuclear researcher, telecommunications companies, banks, media and religious activists. Actually Kaspersky did not reveal openly state who the culprit, but all signs point to the US.

Reuters source who is also a former NSA employee confirmed that Kaspersky analysis. Disclosure of spying is considered potentially make the US back dikiritik. They had previously been involved in a spy revealed by former NSA employee, Edward Snowden.

According to Kaspersky, the technique is done is a breakthrough technology to hide malicious software on the hard drive firmware. Hardware can infect the computer many times.

The author is able to take control of thousands of computers to steal documents and other spy activity. But being targeted by Kasperky only certain computers are considered important.

Spyware was apparently able to work in almost all hard drives on the market. Including the production of Western Digital Corp., Seagate Technology Plc, Toshiba Corp., IBM, Micron Technology Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

When confirmed, Western Digital, Seagate and Micron claimed to not know the existence of the spy program. As for IBM, Samsung and Toshiba declined to comment.

Raiu said that spyware makers must have access to proprietary code disk. Unclear how the NSA can get the code, which can not be accessed by the public.

Western Digital spokesperson stated his company does not open anything on the NSA. Likewise, the other hard drive manufacturers.

But according to an intelligence source, the NSA could do a couple of ways to get the code. For example, disguised as a software developer.

Then, if a company wants to sell products to US government agencies is important, then the government can conduct security audits to make sure everything is secure. So NSA assessed can also use this method.