Sony Ensure Games Last of Us to Widescreen

Gamers will not only be treated to exciting action game The Last of Us via the PlayStation game console. Sony has made sure it will lift a phenomenal game to the big screen.

Creator was not kidding, Sony rely on the same film producer who worked on Resident Evil.
the last of us gamesScreen Gems is finally trusted Sony to make a big screen version of the game made by Naughty Dog. It may be that the success of the Resident Evil films have a similar genre into consideration the results creator Sony.

Furthermore, Screen Gems is a movie producer who was also under the auspices of Sony Pictures.

Interestingly, the script will rewrite the story of the game The Last of Us to fit the wide screen will be carried out by the Creative Director of the game itself that is Neil Druckman, instead of using a professional script writer.

Sony also called those who wish to intervene directly in the making of the game The Last of Us is going to give a more attractive touch to the screen version.

Although it is uncertain when the movie The Last of Us entered the cinema, most likely in the making the film there will also intervene Spiderman film producer, Sam Raimi is about to be completed around 2015.