Smartphone Future Can Detect Pregnancy


Researchers from the University of Hanover, Germany, is developing a technology that can make the smartphone into a pregnancy detection equipment. The researchers will make a sensor that allows the user to perform all kinds of biomolecular tests , including pregnancy tests, and also monitor the disease diabetes.


The sensors will provide real-time results and can be read via the application on the smartphone. Someday actually created, the sensor will be able to monitor the various liquids that taste of the body, such as urine, blood, saliva, sweat, and even breathing.

The women did not bother to buy a pregnancy test to prove if they are pregnant or not. Test pack will become the past, and instead, the smartphone will also be used to monitor the pregnancy.

Previously, the camera smartphones in the future is also expected to be able to give an overview of the constituent materials of the object in the photo. The camera technology, currently being developed by an engineer Tel Aviv.