Satya Nadella: Men India Conquering Giants World Technology

Not Stephen Elop, Alan Muallay from Ford, Ericsson’s Hans Vestberg owned or Sundar Pichai that Google’s still the boss, but Satya Nadella. Yes, he’s the new CEO of the technology giant Microsoft.

satya CEO microsoftNadella will be the third CEO in the history of Microsoft, after Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Last Name is already announced his resignation in August 2013 since then.

For people in Microsoft, Nadella name certainly no stranger. Because he had served for 22 years at the company pembesut the Windows operating system. Nadella is an example of a hard worker with a brilliant career.

Microsoft’s new CEO has a full name Satyanarayana Nadella. He was born in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, 46 years ago. Her family belongs to the Telugu Brahmin lineage.

Nadella childhood was spent in his native country, India. Satya was educated at Hyedrabad Public School, Begumpet. After finally reaching graduated in electrical engineering in Mangalore University.

Knitting dreams of a better life began when he continued his education in the United States.

In the land of Uncle Sam, Nadella earned two master’s degrees simultaneously. One in computer science from the University of Wisconsin and the other in business administration at the University of Chicago.

Like the Indian man in general, childhood to adolescence of Satya Nadella also spent playing cricket with his friends. And to this day, sometimes he still channeling his hobby.

Cricket has become a popular sport in India. Nadella astute young enough to play a game similar to baseball and the baseball. Problem is his hobby, he studied philosophy in it.

“Playing cricket is important in my career. Due from cricket I learned about leadership and working together in teams,” he said one day.

Nadella said, and he was always motivated to build something new. Including the start of his career at Microsoft, before eventually becoming the CEO as it is now.

Prior to Microsoft, Satya Nadella start everything from zero. He worked as a staff in the field of technology in the company Sun Microsoystem.

Nadella also never returned to India to work as a Planning Commission under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The team who provide input to the government in various sectors.

During his career, he was always accompanied by his wife, who had been with him for 22 years. This woman has been a lover since they are in middle school and above.

From his marriage he blessed with three children. And this time Nadella chose Washington as their primary residence.