Recovering Data with a 7-Data Recovery

File you were deleted by accident? You lost your important files when your computer crashes? Don’t panic. with this free software, you can restore the data orĀ  files you deleted very easily. Restore deleted files or file recovery technical terms, it is easily done with the help of software tools recovery. Of the many Data recovery software, I chose a powerful and could be helpful for you.

Software recovery tool is 7-Data Recovery. 7 Data Recovery software is able to restore your data and deleted files with ease. No matter whether your data is deleted in your computer hard drive, digital camera’s card, MMC, external hard drive, USB flash drive, a 7-Data Recovery is able to restore your data is erased. You can restore your files to 1 GB of data for free with Free Edition.

Here is the full feature of 7-Data Recovery:

  • Being able to restore almost any type of file you deleted: photos, documents, music, databases, graphic files and even emails! 7-Data Recovery you can restore the data quickly, easily and safely.
  • Can be used to restore data in virtually any type of storage media: hard drive, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, etc.
  • Able to restore data lost due to a formatted storage media, crashes, corrupt etc.
  • Able to recover lost emails from a desktop email client such as Outlook Express program.
  • Has the Android Recovery, you can connect directly to your android smartphone with 7-Data Recovery to recover lost data on your android.
  • Supports multiple languages, you can easily change the language in the top right menu of 7 Data Recovery software.

You can get a 7-Data Recovery Software easily, please Download free trial of this software. To install the software 7-Data Recovery is very easy, I’m sure you can do it.

In the experiment this software, I want to try to restore lost files from my computer, I want to restore the file types of digital media on the D drive of the computer.

After installed, you will see 7-Data Recovery software as shown below.

recover suite

I choose Digital Media Recovery, I want to restore the image files on my computer.

review software1After that I did the settings in the advanced settings menu, I was just checking the graphic. You can find this menu in the top right. My next pick and pressing the D drive and double click the software automatically do a scan to locate missing media files.

review software recovery

Once completed and amazing I found my photo files that I delete the last 3 months. may be useful and you do not panic.