Prepare the middle of the US Navy Spy Drone Shaped Named Silent Shark Nemo

The development of drones today is very rapid. Not only drones can fly, but also drones in other environments, including in the aquatic environment. An example is a spy robot developed by the United States Navy named Silent Nemo.

This robot was designed to have the look that is quite similar to a shark. Complete with fins top that will stand out at the time Silent Nemo swimming near the surface. This robot has a length of 1.5 meters and weighs up to 45 kg. It is not yet known how quickly the swimming ability of the fish robot. Appear in the video is shown that this robot can be controlled remotely with a fairly slow swimming speed.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, appears to show how the performance of the robot on this one. There was seen that this robot seems very natural and not even surprising that the robot will be mistaken for the real sharks. Moreover, the skin of the robot also has a similar look like rubber.