Opera Used 100 million Android users

A total of 100 million active users currently carrying Android accessing the web using Opera browser, more than doubled from a year ago.

opera office

India, followed by China, Indonesia, Russia and Mexico has a large number of Opera users on Android.

“We are working hard to make a web browser that is fast, safe and easy to use, and I am very happy that now we have more than 100 million smartphone users worldwide,” said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

“We wanted to create a world that is always connected, where people can have access to information, and the mobile web is very important to achieve this goal,” said Boilesen.

The most popular application for Android Opera is Opera Mini browser, followed by the Opera browser for Android and Opera Max.

Opera Mini compresses web pages claimed to be able to as little as 10% of its original size, making them more users get content faster.

Data compression is a big advantage on a slow network, make can enjoy a comfortable browsing experience. Also can make the mobile Internet more affordable to help users save their data plan usage.

Opera users in some markets also can save data usage on mobile video with Opera Max. Devoted to Android phones, Opera Opera Max is the answer to high user demand for access to mobile videos, and is claimed to facilitate compression of video, photos, and text on a smartphone app.