NASA Create Robot squid Investigate Alien Underwater

US space research institute NASA, announced the completion of preparations in robot squid to crawl under the sea. Robots will roam the oceans claimed under or inside to check for signs of alien life.

NASA robot squid

Robot squid which was introduced under the name ‘Robosquid’ is assigned to find signs of alien life. Researchers revealed that the sea areas of Europe that has a depth of approximately 62 miles or 100 kilometers, has the alien life.

Robosquid disclosed created as well as a squid giant, with short antennas on the back. The tools used to harvest electricity emitted in electromagnetic waves of the sea floor, used as energy supply robot.

Robosquid development is one of 15 proposals that the proposed NASA Innovative Advanced Concept (NIAC) stage 1. The proposal submitted to study the underwater life in Europe, to analyze signs of life alien or aliens.

This program is also made to analyze alien life, and be able to transform science fiction into scientific fact through the development of pioneering technology. “Recent options include a number of interesting concept,” said Steve Jurczyk, Administrator of the Association for Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) NASA in Washington.

The launch of the program is also proposed to use a software robot to be able to carry out the mission well. NASA claims revealed that only a soft robot, like this Robosquid can complete the mission can not be achieved with a robot that uses a conventional electrical system.

“We proposed architecture for European rover and other planetary environments where soft robotics, allowing to carry out scientific investigations. Because the robot or human, powered by solar or nuclear sources, it will not be able to achieve, “explained researcher.