Mobile ‘Crickets’ We’re Close

The concept phone ‘Crickets’ modular in Fig project more clearly in sight. Google’s project with Motorola will soon be introduced in the near future.

This fact will be realized from an event to the developer for the Project fig. Ara Developer Conference will be initiated by Google on April 15 to 16 in Mountain View, California, United States.

project ara google smartphoneGoogle claims that Ara Project is designed for 6 billion people. This shows that Android makers can work at a very affordable modular mobile phone for the masses.

Ara Project predicted would open a new era of smartphones where users will be free to do the customization on his smartphone.

Not just customization of software, but also hardware. Through the project Ara, Motorola intends to present a modular concept smartphone.

That is, the user can upgrade his own smartphones ranging from the processor used, the sensor, until the desired RAM capacity.

Not only innovation offered, with the Ara project will make the phone more affordable. In fact, it is not possible these handsets sold starting price of USD 50