Microsoft Releases Games for Windows 10 & Xbox One

The latest game titles, Gigantic will be launched for the latest OS, Windows 10. This game also supports cross-play with the Xbox One.

new game xbox

“We partnered with Microsoft to publish Gigantic in Windows 10 and Xbox One,” said developer Motiga. Gigantic is a shooter game and prioritize the elements of strategy and cooperation to defeat the opposing team.

Each team has a Guardian and the game can be won if players managed to defeat the enemy’s Guardian. Guardian owned games should be kept alive so that the game continues.

The Guardian or heroes have special abilities that can deliver a shock to the opposing team. Battle brings the best elements of tactics and skills potentially win the game.

“We are pleased to partner with Motiga to bring Gigantic into Windows 10 and the Xbox One,” said Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer. Furthermore, Spencer said he saw a way to bring new, innovative experience for gamers.

Gigantic gameplay Motiga calls made to the world of mystery in the game, battle tactics and kemampua best players. Unknown when the release date for the game Gigantic.