Microsoft introduced a 3D communication via HoloLens

3D communication via HoloLens

For those of you who have seen the Star Wars movies may already be familiar with 3D hologram message that is sent through the droid R2-D2 or BB-8. On the other hand, maybe not a few who feel that communications technology is only in the film.

3D communication via HoloLens

However, today in fact one of the famous technology company, Microsoft, has successfully developed similar technology. Microsoft has just introduced a new communications technology called ‘Holoportation’.

Although no intact as in the movie Star Wars, this technology allows users to communicate with others via a 3D hologram technology. So, two people from different places can communicate directly and as if it were in the same place.

To do so, the project which was launched by Microsoft Research’s Interactive 3D, users should use the augmented reality HoloLens. Thus, the user will see a person in the form of a 3D hologram of the display in HoloLens.

In addition, to provide a better experience, Microsoft is also preparing completeness camera that allows users to see, hear, and interact with other people holograms in real-time.

Not just to communicate instantly, Holoportation also allows users to record conversations via hologram had to watch at a later time. In fact, users can also change the size of the hologram is displayed and adjusted as required.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has not revealed more information about the completeness of the camera used. However, some have referred to Microsoft’s technology is promising, because it is able to bring a new way of communicating that do not simply rely on video only.

In addition, although still in the development stage HoloLens Project Director Alex Kipman already using Holoportation for practical purposes. On one occasion, Kipman invite a NASA scientist Jeff Norris to talk about HoloLens of a separate place through technology Holoportation.

For your information, HoloLens is Microsoft’s augmented reality device that has been sold since March 20 last. However, for now Microsoft has introduced HoloLens aimed at the needs of application developers. At the inaugural device, Microsoft equip HoloLens with some programs, such as Holo Studio, Skype, and Holo Tour.