Manage All Your Passwords with the Application It


Along with the development of technology, we are faced with many tempting offers. Whether it be an application, a program, or the latest gadgets for example. It all usually already equipped with the password feature.


But, what if the password we have to memorize too much? Easy. Submit it at LastPass.

LastPass is a popular application to manage your password. LastPass already have the free version to manage your passwords on mobile and desktop.

The free version allows us to synchronize passwords, as long as we use the same kind of device (smartphone synchronized to other smartphones, for example).

Previously, the desktop version of the application can still be enjoyed without charge. But, if we use it on the phone, then we are required to pay a subscription fee of US $ 12.

Then, if you want to sync from the smartphone to the tablet (or vice versa), you will be charged the same amount of US $ 12 per year.