Just do not deface, This Result is Feared Israeli Hacker

Invasion of hackers who launched the site into Israel intensified. Millions of sites was reported to be victims. However, the action of changing the look of the site (deface) is not true that the Israelis feared.

According to Major-General (res.) Yisrael Yitzchak Ben, Head of the Cyber ​​Center of Tel Aviv University, a lot of people who think that cyber attacks are always talking about data security. Though attacks such models is considered easy to handle, claims Ben.

hack israelInstead, massive attacks that target physical infrastructure is actually far more terrible and unusually severe impact to the nation, including Israel.

“The train system, for example, which is operated by computer. A virus that is injected into the system can cause deadly accidents,” said Ben.

Another example is when Ben mentioned there are reports of attacks on Syrian Electronic Army in 2012. Where was then the hacker group reportedly attacking water system in the northern part of Israel and turn it off.

“We received the report and found that irrigation systems in the region of Haifa is dead,” said Ben.

“But the good news is that a false report. While the bad news, the system is completely dead,” he continued, as he wants to show Israeli concerns related bombings that target physical infrastructure, as reported Thejewishpress

Previously, the data revealed in the International Cyber ​​COnvention at Tel Aviv University revealed that Israel gets 100 thousand daily attacks from cyber Evils. But when crisis situations like this, the frequency of attacks immediately jumped, be up to 1 million times per day.

This occurs as a counter-attack by hackers who condemned Israeli military action in Gaza. Indeed, after the warming of the situation in Gaza, appeared on the internet # OpSaveGaza campaign promoted by anti-Israel hackers.

“Greatest ever campaign against ‘Israhell,’ to expose their terrorist activity to the world,” wrote the hacker.

“Israhell never Existed its only Palestine”. “It’s our home. If you are a hacker, Activist, a Human Rights Organization then hack Israeli websites and expose their crimes to the world, show to the world how much blood is on their hands, the blood of innocent children and women, “said the message of the anti-Israeli hackers.